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TinyLetter: Write and Recruit a Following

We all subscribe to email newsletters, but TinyLetter makes is easy for us to create our own and gather a following.

When you visit the site, you’re instantly given the option to pick a username and then decide whether you want people to subscribe for free or for a cost per month. Then, drive people to your custom tinyletter page, which is nothing more than a single field to submit an email address. That’s it.

Newsletters have been used for the purpose of broadcasting a message since email was invented. I think the verdict is still out on whether paid email subscriptions will reach critical mass. At the moment, they exist, but they are severely limited based on low demand. Even popular management consulting firms that have charged for email subscriptions for years, like McKinsey & Company, are lifting the paywall.

Paid content or not, TinyLetter is the perfect solution for people looking to put together a list of subscribers. Their front page includes an alphabetical directory for everyone who has ever registered.

Mini Sprout has always focused on providing young startups with the tools to grow their customer base. Services like TinyLetter are sure to be a part of anyone’s marketing plan.

TurningArt: Netflix for Art Collectors

TurningArt released a new way for us to never grow tired of the art on our walls; rotate it. The company’s service operates a lot like Netflix. Users create queues of art they would like to see in their homes. Then, depending on the plan, TurningArt will send users a new print every three months, one month or as often as they would like.

Subscribing to TurningArt comes with a frame, and all prints are sized to easily slide in and out. That way, when a new print arrives, the user just needs to slip the old print out of the frame and send it back.

What we really like about TurningArt is that rental money is not lost. Every dollar you put towards TurningArt is automatically added to your account balance in the event you want to purchase a piece. There is a limit, but it’s high enough to almost think of the service as a rent to own option. Plus, the works for sale are not prints, but the original pieces of art.