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Untappd: An App for “Social” Drinkers

November 2nd, 2010

We can’t exactly pinpoint why, but we noticed 2010 brought more than a handful of web apps allowing users to rate and share different beers. It could be part of a cultural shift we’ve seen over the last two years. Since 2008, microbreweries began proliferating across the US, and microbrews grew in popularity as people looked for more variety in their beer. Whenever we see changes like these occur, we also see the web react accordingly. Back in 2005, you may remember the launch of the wine enthusiast social network Cork’d, which premiered with plenty of praise. So why can’t beer drinkers have their own space? Untappd proves they can.

With Untappd, users update with the name of the brew they happen to be drinking and the location. Clicking on any beer shows who else is drinking it. Clicking on any location shows who else has checked in at that spot and what they drank. If you find someone with similar tastes, you’re sure to find plenty of new suggestions.

As they get to work on the native mobile apps, they made sure to optimize Untappd to work well on just about any modern mobile device. Seriously, though, don’t wait for the native apps to get started on the community. The WAP site looks great.

At the moment, there aren’t any ads on Untappd. They seem to be looking for beer distributors and different venues to begin sponsorships. Based on the audience of Untappd, they’re sure to find plenty of engaged customers.

What makes Untappd fun is that they left a lot to uncover. Completing different tasks earns badges, and they don’t list the steps to hit every badge. Instead, it’s up to you to enjoy the app and be rewarded for your actions. Our favorite feature is their tagline. After all, any social network with the tagline “drink socially” is awesome.

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