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TapZilla: Paid iPhone Apps For Free

October 18th, 2010

It seems like there is a world of difference between convincing a person to download a free iPhone app and convincing a user to pay for an iPhone app. TapZilla, which gives away paid iPhone apps for free, may have finally cracked the code.

Sometimes, when developers want their apps to hit the tipping point for success, they just need to get their apps into enough hands for word to spread. TapZilla recruits an audience of eager iPhone users and actually gives away redemption codes for app downloads. A user clicks the “Get App Now” button on the website, visits the App Store on iTunes to buy the app, and then enters the code within the app to be reimbursed for the amount (either by PayPal or an iTunes gift card). For most downloads, it doesn’t cost users any money. If anything, developers are taking a hit, since they will be reimbursing users with their revenue plus the revenue Apple automatically collects.

TapZilla’s website is set up like Woot, with a “Today’s Deal” on the main page for people to explore. As of writing, the site has already pushed a little more than 12,000 app downloads, which means some developers somewhere have been writing a lot of checks.

We’re interested to see the results of this website. Are developers seeing an ROI from TapZilla? At this point, however, we can say that users are seeing a strong benefit from the service, and it’s hard to argue with that.

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