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Seeking Funding: MixAR,

January 24th, 2011

Mini Sprout focuses on helping young websites grow. Seeking Funding is a category dedicated to promoting new business concepts. Websites featured in this section are in the process of seeking seed funding and backers.

MixAR: Seeking $5,000 before January 28, 2011
noresizeMixAR looks to be the world’s first augmented reality editor on the iPhone. At the moment, some apps allow you to view AR content, but MixAR will allow you to make and capture your own. The app comes from Halolabs, which has already launched an AR app on the iPhone for a music group. MixAR builds on their existing code library and opens the technology up for anyone. Seeking $5,820 before February 1, 2011
noresizeDelicious may be the social bookmarking heavyweight, but its future is uncertain, and its feature set is growing dated. seeks to become a modern social bookmarking site. While it will offer all of the features of Delicious, there’s more emphasis on the people behind each profile and their friends. also pulls in any URLs you may Tweet or post across your profiles, making it a true bookmarking service for social media.

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