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Replyz: Community Answers Based on Twitter

October 1st, 2010

Back in 2005, Yahoo! launched their Q&A service known as Yahoo! Answers, and it just about became an overnight success. An entire community has grown around the property as people respond with the promise of winning points and badges.

The new social site Replyz brings this same sense of community to Twitter. Either on their site or by using the Twitter hastag #replyz, people may post questions to solicit responses. Replyz users tweet their responses. Users with the most replyz are featured on a leaderboard.

As with all Q&A services, there is a very likely chance that the submitted responses are not accurate, so people should use their own judgement when reviewing answers, especially related to health, finance and law. Replyz does not require an account to get started, so it may be an ideal option for people looking for a quick answer to a simple question.

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