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RainMaker: Donate as Easily as a Tweet

November 22nd, 2010

It’s becoming easier and easier to donate online. The next step in the evolution is RainMaker, which lets you donate using nothing more than a tweet.

After linking your Twitter and PayPal accounts to your RainMaker account, donate by sending a quick tweet with a dollar amount, a cause and RainMaker’s Twitter handle. Something like, “#redcross is doing wonderful things, so I’m giving $20 through @rainmakerapp” does just well. As long as you include the three parts, you don’t need to stick to any format. Your donation is transferred from PayPal to RainMaker within a few hours.

Each cause is given their own page on the network, complete with a progress bar and a feed of other Twitter users supporting them.

Donating to a cause is great, but the real power in RainMaker is helping causes get their messages to mass audiences. Each time you tweet a donation, all of your Twitter followers see it. Additionally, you can also setup a fundraising goal for yourself to encourage your followers to donate. It’s the perfect way to organize a mini Twitterthon on your own. RainMaker tracks performance on your user page.

RainMaker was produced by Company 52 and led by Michael Poythress, Jonathon Hill, Matt Blackwell and Paul Jones.

Editor’s note: For those keeping track at home, we recently profiled another app called Rainmaker, which helps organize your Google contacts. These two apps are completely separate from one another.

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