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Projecturf: Project Management Done Well

October 4th, 2010

For years, we’ve watched attentively as companies like 37signals developed apps that serve as no fuss, no flare project management tools. After all, project management is not about tools and charts; it’s about communicating with your team to accomplish your objective. In fact, 37signals’ manifesto and books have helped launch an industry of stripped-down web apps that excel at accomplishing one thing well.

Projecturf is a web-based project management tool that includes the extras. Whereas simple, GTD apps like Basecamp eliminate many features, Projecturf has the potential to serve as a comprehensive tool for project managers. They identified a niche many web app developers have avoided—feature-heavy solutions—and created an app that is surprisingly easy and intuitive to use. For as many features and screens the developers managed to squeeze in, Projecturf’s interface is clean and very well organized.

Getting started comes in the form of importing your contacts from your email service or desktop address book. Manually adding contacts is also available, but Projecturf allows teams to begin using their service as soon as possible.

All of the options you would expect are included: projects, tasks, deadlines, calendars, user access permissions and email notifications. We also found a few surprises that project managers absolutely require: file version tracking, a timer for tracking your work, tracking tickets, and outstanding print support allowing anyone to put together a status sheet in one click.

Projecturf has the potential to become a cornerstone app for any business or project manager. People interested in getting started should be prepared to set Projecturf as their browser’s homepage; it’s that significant. Plans start as $34.99 per month, available as a free trial. If your team is able to benefit from Projecturf’s features, that price is a bargain.

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  1. Dotroy permalink

    Did you actually used the application ? At first sight it looks awesome but did you try to read text over gray colored background ? How did you feel ? What about wasting lots of horizontal space which makes you scroll all the time ? I have used it, paid for it and gone back to Base camp. Stop telling lie to people.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hey Dotroy. Thanks for your comment. We haven’t run into these same problems (like trouble with text contrast, pages that extend horizontally outside of the browser window).

      As we said in our review, this service has a specific target audience. When choosing any web app, you should evaluate multiple candidates based on your needs before deciding which one to use.

    • antibaggery permalink

      “Stop telling lie to people” Dotroy = Douche Bag

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