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Postmark: Email Analytics For Web Apps

November 1st, 2010

If you’re building a web app, you’re likely going to be emailing your users, whether with registration details, reminders, policy changes or password resets. Postmark, another product by Wildbit, brings the analytics found in email marketing apps to any web app.

Let’s suppose you set up a new web app. When users register, you may send them a welcome email through a simple mail function. But you really don’t know if that email ever made it to their inbox. Postmark lets you know.

The service works across many languages and frameworks, including Rails Gem, Ruby, PHP 5, Python, .NET, ColdFusion, Java and Node.js. People can build their own libraries too.

Postmark is affordable for just about any small web app developer. 1,000 sent emails come out to $1.50, or $0.0015 per email. You can also try the service before you buy; your first 1,000 emails are free.

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