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Planely: How Business Travelers Connect

December 6th, 2010

LinkedIn and Hashable may be great ways to meet online, but Planely looks to be another way to meet in person.

Planely is a web service for business travelers that allows anyone to connect with people on the same flight. After creating an account, users add flights to their profiles. Specify the date, departing airport and destination, and Planely tracks down your flight number. You can also optionally add a comment, such as the type of people you would be interested in meeting.

Your matches page shows who has checked into Planely, grouped by flight, as well as other Planely members who will be flying from the same airports. Once you find someone, click “Contact” to fill out a form. From there, communication is handled by email.

We weren’t able to find any matches on our flights, so we’re likely looking at a social network in its very early stages. The largest hurdle for Planely is to win the trust of weekly business travelers and power networkers.

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