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Phile: Online Community on Your Terms

November 3rd, 2010

Popular blogging software and apps make it a snap for anyone to post their thoughts online. What we’re now seeing become more popular are sophisticated web tools allowing anyone to quickly launch their own social network. Phile, which launched yesterday, is a social network and resource grown from your needs.

For years, Ning has owned this space as people create their own special interest groups. Phile offers a slightly different benefit. While people can communicate on both services, Phile seems to excel in creating a place where content can be added and stored, like restaurant reviews. Ultimately, the goal is to offer a useful resource for visitors.

When you start a new group, you name it and a create a “stack”, which is like a category or page to house your content. From there, it’s pretty simple to expand. When you pull up your stack, you can add fields and forms of every type. Checkboxes, pull-downs or even more crucial options like business hours, comment areas and rating bars are available. You specify what you want included, and your users can fill out forms to add new content.

With a site like Phile, anyone can create interest-focused Yelp or Wiki-like sites within a few minutes. If content can be stored in a directory, it can easily live on Phile. Take a look at the walkthrough below:

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