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Paditrack: Free Website Conversion Tracking

September 29th, 2010

For anyone who has run a website or marketing campaign, the question you hear each day is “how are we converting?” The service Paditrack allows you to create funnels and watch how users move through each step.

Google Analytics gave us the ability to create goal conversions through multiple points of a website. Online retailers, for example, track how users browse their website, view products, add them to the shopping, and checkout. A goal can be set up to trigger each step in the process. That way, if retailers begin seeing a lot of people abandon the site after they’ve added the product to the shopping cart but before checkout, they now have details they can use to answer business questions, like “why are sales decreasing?” From there, retailers can begin investigating a solution.

Paditrack uses Google Analytics’ data to helps recreate these funnels, but with one exception. While Google Analytics is easily capable of tracking existing conversion goals, Paditrack allows users to create new sets of conversion goals and actually use the existing Google Analytics data to see performance. Instead of waiting months for results on reliable data, you can pivot through data to extract insights in seconds.

Connecting your Google Analytics account to Paditrack could not be simpler. Register for an account, synch with Google Analytics, and begin playing with your data. As we’ve seen with other web apps that connect to outside services, it’s really easy for a web developer to build a convoluted connection process. Paditrack demonstrates they put a lot of thought into how users would use their tools, and it pays off.

Our favorite feature: Paditrack is free. This incredibly powerful tool is available to anyone with a Google Analytics account. With Paditrack, web developers can begin uncovering insights from their data today.

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