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MOUGG: Your Music, Anywhere

November 23rd, 2010

There was a time when we didn’t consider a 150MB MP3 player the norm (we’re looking at you, iTunes). It’s become the cornerstone of our media, but it’s bulky. Sometimes we just want to listen to our music, anywhere.

MOUGG lifts your music off your desktop and drops it in the cloud. From there, use your web browser to play your music. The interface is dead simple, like a brighter iTunes. Build a few playlists and you’ll find yourself right where you left off. Your music, playlists, even album art, are included.

The service gives 1GB of free storage, which is enough to try MOUGG and more than enough to get you through a work day.

It’s clear where MOUGG is headed. All music in the cloud, an HTML web app, lack of Flash, mobile compatible; MOUGG is a free music service designed for the iPhone. And it works on the iPhone. Well, not without quirks. After all, it’s not optimized for the device, as you still use the web interface, and your MP3 files awkwardly play in a QuickTime player. But it demonstrates a proof of concept, so let’s not lose sight of that. There’s an Android app, too.

MOUGG is instantly addictive. After a just a few minutes of use, you’ll forget about Pandora and Slacker Radio and go back to listening to your own music. Once they give the ability to add more storage, MOUGG is sure to be a killer.


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