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Micromobs: Fun, Modern Group Messaging

October 13th, 2010

micromobs allows anyone to instantly create an online group discussion for your friends. The service creates an environment where everyone feels free to join the conversation.

When someone uses micromobs to create a new group, or “mob”, they choose the topic, who to invite and whether or not to make the mob public to outside viewers. Then, people are able to post in the mob in a format similar to tweets or Facebook’s wall. In fact, you can reference people using the @ symbol, and each mob begins showing its own trending topics.

The site’s branding nailed the idea that everyone who creates a mob has different needs and uses. As a result, mobs are applicable to any group: foodies can create a mob dedicated to sharing their favorite recipes, students can create mobs dedicated to particular classes, organizations can create mobs and sub-mobs to handle different department needs, and friends can post travel itinerary and flight details for group vacations. The applications are endless. As long as friends are looking for a way to communicate online easily, micromobs will be able to foster the conversation.

micromobs seems to form an interesting balance. By design, mobs are supposed to be small, almost tribe-like, where everyone has a voice and every opinion is respected. But, mobs can also be public, viewable by the entire web where anyone can participate. Rarely do we see the private and public spheres intersect so well.

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