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Marginize: Check-In Across The Web

October 11th, 2010

The need to check-in has become contagious. Foursquare may have launched it with their service, and Facebook now uses it with Places, but Marginize is bringing the same functionality to the web, plus more.

Marginize is a free web service that tells us “don’t browse alone.” After the quick installation of a browser plugin, you can access a sidebar on any webpage, which allows you to check-in and view conversations people are having about the site. Bonus points goes to Marginize for releasing a bookmarlet for the service too (browser plugins are passé).

Checking in to pages is easy. Access the sidebar, and click the check-in button. When you check-in to a site more than anyone else on the network, you become a “site curator”, like Foursquare’s Mayor status. These check-ins are completely opt-in as well, so it steers clear of ambiguous privacy problems other social networks have sailed through without concern.

Beyond checking in, users can leave comments about websites, which are simultaneously broadcast to their Twitter/Facebook/Google Buzz accounts. That is, with your permission. What makes the service more valuable than simply posting links on Facebook is that your comments live within the sidebar for future visitors to view and respond to. Therefore, we see Marginize maintain an organically growing conversation on each site for each new visitor.

Creating conversations around web content reminds us a lot of Google Buzz, which continues to awkwardly stumble around the social space. Marginize provides a constantly scrolling live feed comprised of comments and check-ins. We were initially skeptical of Marginize’s attempt to harbor these conversations on their own, but their live feed demonstrates people are adopting the service.

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