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Loosecubes: Lease Shared Workspaces

October 19th, 2010

Shared workplaces are causing us to rethink the concept of a home office. For many, it’s more about putting people of similar mindsets in a room than leasing desk space by the square foot.

Loosecubes is a service that lists shared workspaces available for rent. Users are able to sort through options within their city, and all properties are plotted against a map (after all, what better way to launch a rental search than by location).

Each listing contains more details than a real estate listing. Large, colorful photos show off the space, and amenities are listed for what’s included. Loosecubes also includes a bit of info on the vibe, so people may find a work setting that works best for them.

Loosecubes is a young company with a lot of passion. Their goal is laser focused to “change the way people work”. It’s rare we see a company talk about starting a revolution on the About page, but we’re inclined to believe them. Loosecubes has been able to recruit plenty of people posting listings perfect for the site. Oh yeah, they have funding, too.

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