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laytr: Easy Email Reminders

October 4th, 2010

We’ve started seeing a new type of to-do list emerge on the web. It doesn’t look like your typical list with checkboxes and notes. In fact, it doesn’t have an interface at all. Services like FollowUpThen and LetterMeLater let users draft their to-do lists by email. It can be anything; a simple task in the subject or an entire email drafted with attachments. Just specify when to receive the message in the email’s to field and receive your email at that time.

Laytr is another service that allows you to schedule your reminders right from your inbox. Draft yourself a note, and add the delivery date or time to the To field. Want to receive your email back tomorrow? Then send your email to [email protected] Want to receive it on Monday? Then send your email to [email protected] It works with dates (march.7), time (1min or march.7.330pm) and relative terms (tomorrow, nextweek, nextyear).

What helps differentiate laytr from the seemingly similar competitors is their business model. Laytr offers their service for free just like similar sites, but they are looking to expand into a tiered pricing model with additional features. Details aren’t listed on the website, so it’s unclear how the operation will evolve at this point. What is clear is laytr offers a service with a very low learning curve that is available for anyone with an email address. They are sure to attract a large user base.

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