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Jume: The Social To-Do List

November 4th, 2010

Many popular online to-do lists capture the day-to-day activities we need to accomplish. Jume is a to-do list that lets us focus on what’s really important.

Here’s what makes Jume so unique. Instead of creating a to-do list for your eyes only, Jume to-dos are shared with the rest of their community. From there, other members can comment on to-dos, offer a helping hand, or motivate by clicking the “like” link. We don’t see items like, “Email So-and-So with directions to event.” Instead, we see the aspirational to-dos that may never make our lists, like “Learn oil painting”, “Buy a brand new motorcycle” or “Look for a bride for my brother”. Realistically, aren’t these goals more significant than anything on our lists at the moment?

What’s really surprising is that similar minds offer their suggestions. In one example, a user posted “Find a college for my MBA”, and another user replied with a list of the top ranked schools in the US. How supportive.

To use Juma, just type in your to-do and login through your Facebook or Google account. From there, you join the constantly updating feed with others.

The community is still young, but we like what we’ve seen so far. Why not join and help it grow?

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