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Invoice Bubble: Send Invoices For Free

November 24th, 2010

There is no shortage of online invoicing tools, so it takes a lot for any newcomer to stand out from the competition. Invoice Bubble allows freelancers to create and send online invoices and collect payments from their clients. What helps set them apart is their price: it’s free. It’s great, too.

After creating an account, punch in the name of a client and begin adding line items to your invoice. The form is setup as your final document, so you’re able to make adjustments directly to the preview. You can edit the description and footer to add any additional details your clients may require. Once you’re ready, you have the choice to either email the invoice directly to the client or export as a PDF.

The invoice pops up in your client’s inbox, both with a link and a PDF version for their records. They’re able to make a payment directly from viewing the invoice via PayPal. Users are able to schedule recurring invoices as well.

Your account dashboard gives a quick snapshot of your business, which shows accounts receivable and the amount your clients have paid. But you won’t see phrases like “accounts receivable” anywhere on this app. The creators kept it simple for you to focus on what’s really important; managing your business.

All invoices have a little link in the footer that reads, “Powered by Invoice Bubble.” If you want to remove the link on your invoice, it comes at the low cost of $5 per month. Compare that cost to any other online invoice service available, and you’ll realize Invoice Bubble is an affordable option that doesn’t make sacrifices.

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