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Hashable: Introductions Via Twitter

October 11th, 2010

Hashable, launched today in private beta, helps people initiate introductions among friends and colleagues across Twitter and email.

If you’re using the service on Twitter, it’s pretty easy to form an introduction. Just tweet the hashtag “#intro”, two Twitter handles and the @hashable Twitter username. The service pulls together biographies using Twitter and LinkedIn and shares it with the two people to help break the ice. To help encourage use, there’s also a scoring system, called HashCred, which rewards users with points for each interaction. Hashable maintains a live feed of who’s connecting publicly, and you will be able to track the status on any introductions you’ve initiated.

Hashable isn’t just for introductions, though. The service can be used for meeting with anyone. Instead of using the “#intro” hashtag, substitute it for #coffee, #lunch, #dinner or any other hashtag. Then, these meetings will be archived on Hashable for your sorting and searching later. You’re really developing your own set of tags, which can change depending on your needs.

At the moment, Twitter is driving the popularity of the service, but you can also request introductions by email and, eventually, your phone. The initial response to Hashable has been outstanding, with users able to get into the closely guarded beta tweeting about how much they like it.

LinkedIn already offers a similar service for referrals. Hashable is seeking to become an alternative. And since you score points across the service for every interaction, it may just be addictive enough to catch on.

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