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Freedcamp: Totally Free Project Manager

February 9th, 2011

Freedcamp is yet another project management Basecamp competitor. Why do we need another Basecamp competitor? Because Freedcamp is completely free.

The app is divided into a few pages. To-Dos can be added and sorted with AJAX bliss. If you have multiple users signed-up, Discussions act like a private forum. The Milestones tab lets people create to-dos with deadlines. The Time tab tracks hours for billable professions, and it comes with a web-based stopwatch to keep you focused on your work, not on the clock. There’s also a tab for files, because every Freedcamp account comes with 20MB of storage space.

So what’s missing from Freedcamp that we would see from other competitors? Things like a calendar, gigabytes of storage and API interaction that help magnify any app’s abilities were all left out of the launch. But it’s difficult for us to find fault with a free app. In fact, Freedcamp currently doesn’t even offer tiered paid plans at all. The free plan is the only plan.

Freedcamp is capable of satisfying the needs of almost all Basecamp users. Plus, the FAQ section is surprisingly well fleshed out to help you get started quickly.

  1. Not paying for project management software? I never thought we’d see the day. Don’t get me wrong- I like the Basecamp people- 37 signals. It’s time for them to stop gouging the market with their overpriced service. Yay Freedcamp.

  2. Hi,

    I think the slight misconception is that Freedcamp is free. Their basic plan is free. However, just 5Gb of data will cost you $15/month!

    We develop Apollo,m , and have a different pricing model — $14 will land you our “solo” plan (mind you, we do project management, CRM, cases&deals, calendar, timers, templates, data export, import, etc..). Basecamp , just like Freedcamp, offers a free plan with a bit of storage (and just like Freddcamp, you need to pay more if you want more, ALTHOUGH Freedcamp’s only limitation is in the storage).

    I guess what I meant to say here is that there are several players with several pricing structure; Apollo is free for 1 month; Basecamp is free for 1 project and a bit of storage; freedcamp is generous, limiting only the storage and making it simple for people with a more limited budget. But, we are still talking about different pricing/freemium models .

    Good luck!


  3. Angel G. permalink

     First off I would like to correct Apollo on the incorrect pricing, it’s actually $12/mo for 5gb. Which compared to Apollo and Basecamp is almost exactly half. But there is one huge difference both Apollo and Basecamp will limit you projects. The only reason Freedcamp charges for storage is to allow us to pay for what you use and our pricing is more than fair. As far as the features you mentioned Freedcamp offers most and is bringing even more soon.

    I guess what i mean is that we don’t appreciate remarks trying to make Freedcamp seem “paid” application like yours. We have over 15thousand users who have not spend a penny on Freedcamp, can you say the same? Didn’t think so.



    p.s. there is no misconception, we don’t have plans 🙂 and we never will, it’s in our name

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