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Doxo: Digitalize Bill Payments

October 25th, 2010

It wasn’t too long ago when banks began giving their customers the ability to opt-in to “paperless” statements. Instead of receiving your checking account statement or credit card bill by mail, a little email just popped up in your inbox. Financial services companies saw it as a way to reduce costs (paper, printing, postage), and many users were content with an email.

Not all companies have been so progressive, however. We still receive the majority of our bills in our mailbox. For many, Doxo may be the beginning of the end for paper bills.

Doxo is working with major banking, utilities and services companies to send bills online. Users create an account on Doxo, punch in their info, and easily add companies to their account. In many situations, Doxo will take the liberty of reaching out to the company and letting them know you want to receive your bills through Doxo. Then, the next time a bill arrives, it appears in the “To Do” tab.

Doxo has already signed up a lot of the major players (the only services we couldn’t find were our local energy provider and a credit union). Even if you’re missing a company from the list, you can still scan and upload your bills to keep them with the rest. And once the company is added to Doxo, you’ll be ready to switch over to paperless billing.

Best of all, Doxo is free for users. The service charges companies to list their names, allowing users to see the benefit for free. Plus, companies likely make back that payment through cost savings. It’s an attractive proposition:  users win, companies don’t lose.

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