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October 2nd, 2010 brings the fun of a primetime TV pledge drive to any USTREAM account. It’s all there: the creative direction of a game show, a typeface that reads like an announcer’s voice, and even an extra large ticker in the background showing the total dollar amount raised.

To set up your own pledge drive, enter your USTREAM user account and fill in the blanks. will create a custom page highlighting your goal and also pipe in your USTREAM video and chat feed. For any guest viewing the page, they just need to type something along the lines of “I want to pledge $50” in the chat window, and they’ll be taken to PayPal where they can finish the donation. reads the amount a guest enters, which allows PayPal to be ready on the checkout page. The text algorithm is intelligent since it looks for the number following a dollar symbol. So, “$30 for me” works just as well as “I would like to donate $1,000”.

PayPal simplified the process of handling transactions online, and Kickstarter supports the ambitious long-term goal setter. But there is certainly room for a service like that offers the ability to collect donations with very little technical effort.


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