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DailyLit: Books By Email and RSS

November 11th, 2010

Who needs an e-book reader? Your smart phone is capable of viewing text, especially if font size isn’t a concern. DailyLit gives us the option to read books either by email or RSS feed. We may start our mornings sorting through inbox emails and e-newsletters, but now we can read the book of our choice.

When you select a title, instead of DailyLit sending you the entire book as one email message, they break it up into bite-sized installments. That way, your inbox isn’t hit with a multi-megabyte attachment when you decide to tackle War and Peace. Installments are around 750 words, or about three pages. A 500+ page novel like Dracula may be divided into 176 installments, but it’s up to you how often to receive each installment. You can also specify a relative length for the installments, like “Normal”, “Longer” or “Longest”, which dictates how many installments you receive at a time.

Every listing is available for free. Their library boasts quite the selection, from about 600 classics to dramas, business related, banned books, self-help and even tours from Wikipedia’s collection. Browse by title, category or author among more than 900 listings. The layout is slick, and it’s easy to spend a few minutes bouncing around different categories.

They launched with public domain and Creative Commons titles, which allowed them to avoid royalty fees. They also work with publishers to release books for free.

The service is compatible anywhere you check email, which means we’re able to carry our novels on our phones. With DailyLit, we can stop making excuses for not having time to read. Imagine that.

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