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Creditable: The Out-Of-Debt Social Network

September 30th, 2010

It seems all goals are more obtainable when you have the support of a community to help. For people suffering with a massive amount of consumer debt, announcing their problems to close friends may be difficult. Creditable creates an anonymous social network for people looking to pull back into the black.

People looking to lose weight have fitness groups. People looking to eliminate habits have support groups. It’s time people with debt create their own group. After signing up, you enter details like your amount of debt and your goals for the future. Creditable then suggests following people with similar goals. Through these connections, people have the ability to form a support group without revealing embarrassing details about themselves.

Creditable is completely free to use, which proves users do not need to go into even deeper debt just to get out of it. Instead, the service seems to operate on affiliate sales, like Since it knows a bit about your financial history and credit score, it has the opportunity to recommend lower interest rate credit cards or new checking account options. That said, if a user wants to focus on reclaiming the accounts they already have open, the offers are easily skipped.

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