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Boarrd: Everyone’s Personal Dashboard

October 27th, 2010

Who doesn’t want their own personal executive dashboard? It could contain anything; your inbox, to-do list, favorite RSS feeds, Twitter status updates, data feeds piping in to charts, upcoming meeting info, basic weather, anything.

Boarrd is a free web app that allows us to demand our own dashboard. Using a very slick interface, users grab different widgets and shuffle them around the screen. At the moment, the service is limited to RSS feeds, weather, calendar events, clock, weather, and Flickr photos. Considering the potential, we wouldn’t call those options limiting at all. Each dashboard will be completely different by user. And users can alter components as their needs change.

What’s most impressive about Boarrd is that it was thrown together in 48-hours as part of Rails Rumble MMX. It’s very well polished and just about ready for primetime.

To be a serious contender in this space, we’d like to see the dashboard’s layout change when viewed in a mobile browser. We also can’t help wonder what would happen if developers were able to deploy their own widgets to the community. Either way, we love this app.

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