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Badgeville: Reward Your Visitors

October 5th, 2010

Badgeville is a tool that gives publishers the ability to reward their users. When a person visits a website running Badgeville’s service, the user receives badges for going around and completing little tasks. Things like posting a comment, viewing X number of articles or uploading content may be rewarded. If you have an action that is measurable, Badgeville can give people badges for it.

People like being rewarded for little effort, and they will continue to return and perform easy tasks for the chance to move up. In part, it’s the same reasoning that causes apps like Farmville and Mafia Wars to become so successful.

Services like Badgeville are helping us take incremental steps to further socialize the web. Not only may people be rewarded for tasks on your site, they can be rewarded for external actions, like sharing your website across social networks. Suddenly, publishers have a userbase of people excited to post about their content. In this way, Badgeville helps new people join existing conversations on websites they would otherwise not encounter. Everyone wins; the publishers, the people sharing your content, the people discovering your content and Badgeville.

Badgeville is not a free service. In fact, price points are not listed at all on their website, so it’s difficult to gauge whether or not the service is worth the investment. For publishers and advertisers looking for new ways to engage their users, it may be one of many opportunities to explore.

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  1. However you decide to add game mechanics to your website, one of the key things to remember is to have powerful analytics behind your provider. The game you implement today is not the game you will have in 3 months…it will constantly change. You will need to stay on top of how a game is influencing your users both positively and negatively and be ready to make changes.

    BigDoor is another service worth taking a look at as we provide an API to add game mechanics to your existing website. We can not only do badges, but can provide virtual currency, levels, leaderboards, etc. Our pricing is clearly listed on our website and is only based on usage: There are no associated setup fees.

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