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Crate: HTML5 Drag-And-Drop File Sharing

There’s no shortage of file sharing apps available. and Dropbox could not be easier to use, and their payment plans are great. Now there’s a new option, and Crate may be the simplest tool of all.

Visit the site and see an open create ready for you to use. In a modern web browser, just drag a file from your desktop and release it over the crate. The file uploads, and you’re given a short URL that lasts for a half hour. If you want longer term storage, sign-up for a free account.

Crate works well for one-off file transfers among friends and coworkers, but in order to survive, they’re going to want to attract regular users. The service offers something called crates, which are like folders or packages of files. Registered users can create a new crate and drag their files into place. Add your files, get a link, and you’re done.

The service is unbelievably simple to use. We caught ourselves uploading files just for fun. Crate is free to use up to 200MB storage space and six individual crates. Or you can upgrade to the $9 per month plan, which offers 10GB of storage.