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Miso: Check In To Your Favorite Shows

It’s fall, which means networks are airing new episodes each week. It’s also sweeps, which means primetime TV actually means something.

Miso is a community created for the love for television. Create an account (in less than five seconds), and begin checking in to your favorite shows. The site is set up so each show has its own fan page. When you come across a show you like, check in, leave a comment, or share a link to join the conversation with other fans. Miso extends beyond shows, too. After a quick search, we came across movies and sports teams and leagues.

The service has recruited a dedicated community. Shows like Conan and Glee have more than three thousand members, and you see a new person check in to these pages every few minutes.

Different actions on the site are rewarded with badges. They don’t keep a list of what’s required to earn each badge, just to keep things interesting. And badges are unique to what’s popular now, like the Vampire badge or the Sci-Fi badge that reads, “You secretly wished you lived in an alternate universe – a universe in which Firefly had never been canceled.” These people love TV, and they’ve been paying attention.

If you don’t feel like checking in on your computer, Miso offers iPhone, iPad and Android apps. The apps look good.

Miso grasps a really important concept on why we watch TV. Even with DVRs and Tivos making their way into our living rooms, we still watch shows that same night. After all, we want to be part of the conversation the next morning when our friends and coworkers talk about what happened. Miso tells us we don’t have to wait until the next day.