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Cargoh: Curated Design Marketplace

Cargoh is an online marketplace for designers, artists and photographers. All potential sellers complete an application, which is individually reviewed for acceptance on the website. Through this process, Cargoh is able to offer a unique destination for finding great products from promising artists.

Just by taking a stroll through the marketplace, you can tell Cargoh carefully curated a strong collection of products. Cargoh is still a young website, so sellers are helping drive the site’s direction. Selecting new sellers individually allows them to offer a wide range of products, but it also serves as quality control. Their listings are inspired and lack the kitsch some of us may expect from similar communities.

Cargoh does not charge their sellers listing fees, unlike pay-to-list websites such as eBay or Etsy. Instead, they retain a small percentage of each receipt to cover costs. That’s it; no other fees are involved. Their business model may change in the future, but at this point they only see dollars come in when one of their sellers completes a sale.

The company’s blog regularly boasts just a few of the new additions. If it’s an indication of the calibre of products, we’d say Cargoh succeeded in creating an strong destination.

CheckPoints: Earn Points While Shopping

Reward points are no longer limited to flights and credit cards. The new service and mobile app CheckPoints looks to introduce incentivized points to shopping, and no purchase is required.

After signing up and downloading the iPhone app, users can receive points just for entering stores. Visit a store listed in the app, and you receive points towards gift cards, gadgets and flights. Once inside a participating store, users can see if they can earn additional points by checking out products. The app may list a product, and users find it in the store and scan the barcode using their phone’s camera. That’s it; CheckPoints credits the user’s account, and they can continue shopping or earn even more points.

Once you begin to accumulate points, you’re able to cash them in for prizes. Checking in to a store or scanning a product may earn you 20 points, and Amazon gift cards are available beginning for 1,500 points.

It doesn’t cost anything to become involved. From what we can tell, marketers are paying CheckPoint to list their products. After all, if you place a new product in front of consumers, they may just be interested enough to purchase it on their own.

StoreSlider: Recreational Shopping on eBay

Just in case you haven’t visited lately, the eBay community is thriving with more than half a billion visits each month. We’ve seen so many web apps in the past few years build on the success of social networks that we may have forgotten about the new content on eBay. StoreSlider aggregates the “most watched” content on eBay and gives us the top four items per category. Each of eBay’s top categories are featured.

The search form at the top of the page allows users to narrow their selection and see more results, instantly. Drop in a few keywords, and you may see just what the eBay community finds most valuable. For example, searching for “Blackberry” reveals people are searching for unlocked phone more than cases.

Perhaps what makes StoreSlider most promising is how it makes browsing eBay fun again. Users can extend beyond sorting auctions by price, bids and time remaining. We finally have a new option:  what’s liked.