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Legal Guidance for Small Business Owners That Won’t Break the Bank

Rocket Lawyer Web App

Anytime a startup bootstraps a new business idea, they cut a few corners. And how can you blame them? After all, it’s pretty easy to build and promote a web app over the course of the weekend. Failing fast may be better than pouring resources into a project that could fail later down the line.

It’s no surprise many of the startups we hear from launched without consulting a lawyer. They haven’t filed for IP protection, and they’re not exactly thinking how they will file their taxes in the upcoming year. The number one barrier for a startup to reaching out for legal support is the cost of a retainer. That’s why business owners will be thrilled to learn about Rocket Lawyer On Call.

For less than $40 per month, customers can have a lawyer review documents like business filings, minutes or contracts. Additionally, they add a free phone or in-person consultation for each new legal matter. There are restrictions in place, such as the number of documents qualifying for review during a quarter (five at the time of this blog post) and the length of the document is also has a limit. If you find your business needs assistance beyond the subscription plan, Rocket Lawyer offers a hefty 40% discount off standard hourly attorney fees.

Rocket Lawyer On Call is accepting new customers. Consider them an option if you do not have any type of legal protection for your business.