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Feedback Roulette: Personal Site Reviews

Web developers solicit feedback for their sites through plenty of sources. Forums for webmasters are one, friends are another. Feedback Roulette shares your website with other web owners, developers and designers. Think of it as a peer critique, which could come with brutal honesty but also offer the most significant guidance for improvement. Feedback Roulette is an absolute must for web entrepreneurs, and it’s completely free to use.

Getting started is simple. Create an account, and you’re given a random website to review. Once you complete and submit your critique, your own website is entered into the candidate pool for selection. As you review more websites, you accrue points, which gives more people the opportunity to review your website.

Feedback Roulette’s service relies on its community. Reviews are anonymous, so it’s difficult to determine the quality of the userbase. But the service is valuable. A lot of web owners may develop and launch a website in their own silo, and Feedback Roulette gives them the outlet to exchange critiques from people qualified to give them.