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Scout Books: Custom Pocket Notebooks

Pocket notebooks are the perfect travel companions. Think of them as field notes guides for anyone. And their cover designs are just retro enough to be cool.

Scout Books lets anyone design their own pocket notebook. Download their Adobe Illustrator or Acrobat page templates and size your work to fit. The template also includes Scout Books’ color inks and additional formatting instructions. The inside pages can be blank, lined, grid or—brace yourselves—a custom design. All products are printed on 100% Recycled Papers. Pricing for prints is tiered in groupings. Depending on the quantity ordered, the cost per book can range from a little less than $5 to under a buck. Free shipping in the U.S. too.

It’s pretty surprising to see what customers have been able to accomplish on the book covers. Scout Books also post some of their own designs available for purchase. Browsing their site catalogue may just be tempting enough for you to purchase one of their existing designs. But take their examples as inspiration and show us what you can create.