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WorkFlowly: Simply Brilliant Organization

WorkFlowly is a new web tool to track your tasks, errands and even random little tidbits you collect throughout the day. The app is set up like a to-do list. Type in items and hit Return to separate them. Each line automatically becomes a bullet in a list. You can add sub-bullets and drag them around, and clicking the Plus sign next to each line expands or collapses items buried within. They also threw in a few keyboard shortcuts for power users.

Any time you have structured lists like these, they have the tendency to get out of control. Some sections will be larger or more significant than others. That’s why, if you click the actual bullet of a line, WorkFlowly takes you to a new page specifically dedicated to that branch. You can isolate branches within branches, which gives the impression of flying through an infinite list with perfect precision.

The developers made it very fast to move around the app. Typing out items feels as responsive as a text editor. In fact, it’s faster to add items in WorkFlowly than in any to-do list web app we’ve ever used.

Since the service is young, the developers are still adding core functionality that probably should have been there since Day 1. For instance, there isn’t support for mobile yet, but they’re working on mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android. They’re also working out some more advanced features like collaborating between users or backing up your lists.

For many people, WorkFlowly may be a perfect option for them. The creators took the overall concept of managing information and stripped out anything that didn’t fit. And through that process, the app almost seems to disappear, leaving nothing but you and your ideas. WorkFlowly lets you focus on what matters at any particular point.