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Posts tagged ‘Open Source’

Seeking Funding: Open Science Tracker, Appleseed

Mini Sprout focuses on helping young websites grow. Even if companies don’t have a website, we’re looking to help new organizations launch. Seeking Funding is a category dedicated to promoting new business concepts. Websites featured in this section are in the process of seeking seed funding and backers.

Open Science Tracker, Seeking $1,000

People already use BitTorrent to transfer popular media and large data files. With a bit of focus, we can use that same power to share scientific data and knowledge. Open Science Tracker is a Kickstarter project looking to get scientific data into the hands of anyone with an internet connection. By expanding the access to real data, we would be able to inspire new generations of scientists or allow hobbyists to try to tackle some of the world’s most difficult problems. Visit Open Science Tracker.

Appleseed, Seeking $10,000

Appleseed is a free open source social networking platform anyone may download and use. The service works on a standard LAMP server (in other words, it will work with every popular web hosting provider). Already, the script is being used across 100 websites. The organization is seeking funding through IndieGoGo in order to focus full-time on preparing for a full-time release that will offer features similar to Facebook. Visit Appleseed.