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Mini App Round-Up: Jan 27, 2011

Our Mini App Round-Ups cover smaller apps that rock. If you have a suggestion for an app, send it our way. gives anyone the ability to launch a sophisticated mobile web app in a matter of minutes. Instead of writing code, users drag-and-drop elements into place. Its simple interface allows anyone to get started. provides the hosting, which means more time building your web app and less time setting up. Basic web tracking analytics are also included. Plans start at $30 per month.

The Daily Startup

noresizeFor our entrepreneurial readers, The Daily Startup pulls in quotes and case studies from business and startup books. Each day, the website posts a new concept from a book. They take a no-frills approach to each article, as in, “Skip the details, and just tell me why this matters.” Their writeups are concise but still provide enough value with actionable advice for your business. The Daily Startup launched this month.


noresizeLedgerble is a full-featured accounting web app. It breaks away from desktop software by providing your books in the cloud. Ledgerble can handles banking and bookkeeping, and it even has the ability to import your banking data from your account. The service just launched, and pricing currently stands at $14 per month for all features.

Mini App Round-Up: Jan 13, 2011

Our Mini App Round-Ups cover smaller apps that rock. If you have a suggestion for an app, send it our way.

noresizeEmailium is an email marketing showcase. Once you register, you’re able to flip through the website and see examples of well-made email blasts. It represents the best of the best for email marketing. Use it to track your competitors or inspire your own deliveries. Emailium is critical resource for any small business or website looking to launch their first direct marketing campaign.

Organic Wine
noresizeOrganic Wine is one of the best online resources we came across to find organic wines. Using your phone, visit their mobile app page, and allow the site to find your current location. From there, drill down based on your mood, like varietal, wine type, country of origin or price. Wines seem to be sorted by year, and the location is shown on each listing.

Mini App Round-Up: Dec 17, 2010

Our Mini App Round-Ups cover smaller apps that rock. If you have a suggestion for an app, send it our way.

Teach Parents Tech

noresizeA few few folks from Google put together Teach Parents Tech as a free video tutorial service for inexperienced web browsers (like some of our parents). Users put together a package by filling out a simple form, and they specify which videos to include. The tutorials range from the basics, like copy and paste, to the result-oriented, like checking the weather or building a blog. The videos feature high production values and begin every video by stating exactly what the viewer can expect.

Buzzword Bingo HD

noresizeWho could survive a conference call without a game of Buzzword Bingo? The new iPad app Buzzword Bingo HD brings a time honored tradition to the tablet. Start the app for a random game card. You’ll see words like, authentic, strategy, framework or three-letter acronym. Tap a square when a word is mentioned to throw down a dot. You can also connect your iPad with other players through Bluetooth. Give it a try, and you and your team may actually end up with better communication skills.


noresizeMinus is a back-to-basics photo sharing web app. Visit their main page, and drag a photo into your browser window to upload. Then share the link with friends. Links work well anywhere, like IM conversations or through Twitter. No registration is required, which means no hassles. It’s one of the easiest ways we’ve seen to get your photos online.

Let’s Swap

noresizeLet’s Swap is about artists inspiring artists. The site posts one limited edition piece from a designer, and other designers can respond with their own work they would be willing to swap. Communication is held offsite by email, allowing designers to not only talk but also connect.

Mini App Round-Up: Dec 10, 2010

Our Mini App Round-Ups cover smaller apps that rock. If you have a suggestion for an app, send it our way.

Yes No Tweet

noresizeYes No Tweet quickly creates yes/no polls for Twitter. Visit the site and provide a yes/no question. The service builds a tweet with your question and two links. If your followers agree, they can click the Yes link. If they disagree, they can click the No link. The poster can view the results anytime. Yes No Tweet posts the most recent questions on their homepage, and you can see people reaching out to their friends for questions like, “Should potatoes be poked before baking?” Use it as a way to crowdsource your followers.

noresizeFord Madox Ford said you could judge a book, not by its cover, but by reading page 99. “Open the book to page ninety-nine, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.” is a social media interpretation of that quote. It encourages up-and-coming writers to post the contents of their 99th page for review. Users rate the material without seeing the author name. The website’s outstanding layout alone is worth a look. is a new community for developers to share little snippets of code. Users post code in any of the twenty four categories, and others can comment. It seems the userbase focuses on PHP, jQuery and Objective-C, but there’s something for everyone. is young and already thriving.

Drum Kit

noresizeFor your daily distraction, take a look at Drum Kit. The Flash-based app plays sounds when you tap keys on your keyboard. You’re not going to hear the typical cowbell noises. Instead, Drum Kit gives us beats that we hear in dance music and the Cha Cha Slide. Hit a few keys and put together a beat of your own. The layout leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s a page you can explore with your eyes closed.