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Jottle: Chatroulette With a Filter

Let’s be honest. Chatroulette started a revolution when it launched. In some part, it was sparked by the idea of connecting people anonymously by webcam. But, we mostly know of Chatroulette because there is a 90% chance you will see something besides someone’s face. It’s difficult to name another popular service whose rules include only the words, “16+, stay fully clothed”. Oh, technology.

Jottle is a free service identical to Chatroulette, except it can actually prevent people from seeing anything but another person’s face. The site even goes so far as to say, “Chat face-to-face without the junk”. Clever pun.

Here’s how it works. As soon as you launch Jottle, their highly advanced software will begin checking to make sure someone’s face is present on the screen. Once it detects your face (and only your face) is present on screen, it will connect you with another user. If it detects anything else, your connection will be terminated.

Are you following this concept? Face recognition software. Worldwide video feeds. Terabytes of data transfers. You would imagine this technology would be used in a covert reconnaissance operation. Instead, it’s being used to keep the kids from seeing things they shouldn’t.

Both users have the option to click a Trust button, which will turn off the filter when mutually enabled. Realistically, the service is Chatroulette with red tape at the beginning.

We have a bit of difficultly seeing how Chatroulette fits into the web’s memes. There isn’t much of a business model, after all. But if Chatroulette can find a target across the web, then Jottle is certainly welcome as a safer, more savvy, alternative.