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StoreSlider: Recreational Shopping on eBay

Just in case you haven’t visited lately, the eBay community is thriving with more than half a billion visits each month. We’ve seen so many web apps in the past few years build on the success of social networks that we may have forgotten about the new content on eBay. StoreSlider aggregates the “most watched” content on eBay and gives us the top four items per category. Each of eBay’s top categories are featured.

The search form at the top of the page allows users to narrow their selection and see more results, instantly. Drop in a few keywords, and you may see just what the eBay community finds most valuable. For example, searching for “Blackberry” reveals people are searching for unlocked phone more than cases.

Perhaps what makes StoreSlider most promising is how it makes browsing eBay fun again. Users can extend beyond sorting auctions by price, bids and time remaining. We finally have a new option:  what’s liked.