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Talkita: Launch a Community on Any Site

Talkita is a new, free Chrome extension that allows other web users to chat when visiting the same website. Visit the Chrome Web Store to install, and turn it on. It’s specific by domain, not page, so you’ll likely find more focused conversations on product and company websites versus news sites and blogs. At the moment, the extension doesn’t work with HTTPS sites, so don’t think you’ll be able to talk to every single Gmail user at the same time.

We’ve seen a few sites like Talkita before. Sign up at a site, grab a bookmarklet, and leave comments on any page. Except, as an extension, Talkita will likely gather a stronger following, and as an extension for Chrome, it’ll likely have more web savvy users. Talkita users don’t need to register for a new username either; Google, Facebook or Twitter logins are accepted.

Talkita offers a unique opportunity for any website to grow into a community. Web developers don’t need to write code for sign-ups or commenting. Instead, users are able to engage themselves on their own. It’s empowering for a user, but it also pulls control from the web owners themselves. On any ordinary blog, web owners can turn off comments to try and control sentiment around their content, but with Talkita, the option is given to the users whether or not they want to discuss.

The web’s constantly evolving to be more social and open ended (no surprise here). Talkita is just another catalyst in this progression. Web owners need to grow comfortable with relinquishing control over their communities and realize they may someday serve as nothing more than conversation starters.