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Invoice Bubble: Send Invoices For Free

There is no shortage of online invoicing tools, so it takes a lot for any newcomer to stand out from the competition. Invoice Bubble allows freelancers to create and send online invoices and collect payments from their clients. What helps set them apart is their price: it’s free. It’s great, too.

After creating an account, punch in the name of a client and begin adding line items to your invoice. The form is setup as your final document, so you’re able to make adjustments directly to the preview. You can edit the description and footer to add any additional details your clients may require. Once you’re ready, you have the choice to either email the invoice directly to the client or export as a PDF.

The invoice pops up in your client’s inbox, both with a link and a PDF version for their records. They’re able to make a payment directly from viewing the invoice via PayPal. Users are able to schedule recurring invoices as well.

Your account dashboard gives a quick snapshot of your business, which shows accounts receivable and the amount your clients have paid. But you won’t see phrases like “accounts receivable” anywhere on this app. The creators kept it simple for you to focus on what’s really important; managing your business.

All invoices have a little link in the footer that reads, “Powered by Invoice Bubble.” If you want to remove the link on your invoice, it comes at the low cost of $5 per month. Compare that cost to any other online invoice service available, and you’ll realize Invoice Bubble is an affordable option that doesn’t make sacrifices.

Quixly: Easily Sell Your Digital Downloads

PayPal is great, but if you want to sell digital goods, you need a system in place to deliver your products. Quixly works with PayPal and Google Checkout to securely deliver digital files to paying customers.

Anything digital — photos, movies, software, music, PDFs, Microsoft Office templates, honestly anything — can be sold with Quixly. Once you upload your files to the service, Quixly generates a product URL. Paste it on your site or social media profile as the Buy Now button. When users visit the link, they are redirected to either PayPal or Google Checkout to pay. Following their transaction, Quixly sends the users emails with unique download URLs. You get paid, and users get their downloads, instantly.

There’s tracking, too. Daily reports break out earnings by product, if desired.

Unlike ClickBank, Quixly doesn’t charge you a fee to get started. Plus, their generous free plan rivals competitors’ by giving a true “try before you buy” experience.

TinyLetter: Write and Recruit a Following

We all subscribe to email newsletters, but TinyLetter makes is easy for us to create our own and gather a following.

When you visit the site, you’re instantly given the option to pick a username and then decide whether you want people to subscribe for free or for a cost per month. Then, drive people to your custom tinyletter page, which is nothing more than a single field to submit an email address. That’s it.

Newsletters have been used for the purpose of broadcasting a message since email was invented. I think the verdict is still out on whether paid email subscriptions will reach critical mass. At the moment, they exist, but they are severely limited based on low demand. Even popular management consulting firms that have charged for email subscriptions for years, like McKinsey & Company, are lifting the paywall.

Paid content or not, TinyLetter is the perfect solution for people looking to put together a list of subscribers. Their front page includes an alphabetical directory for everyone who has ever registered.

Mini Sprout has always focused on providing young startups with the tools to grow their customer base. Services like TinyLetter are sure to be a part of anyone’s marketing plan.

appbackr: Funding iPhone App Developers

Let’s be realistic. An awful lot of people can pick-up a book on iPhone app development and throw together an app. They may even go for gold and submit it to the App Store. Like all marketplaces, however, listing a product does not guarantee it will sell any copies. Not even one.

appbackr lets developers gather funding from supporters before investing the effort into creating and listing an app. Once the app is listed, all investors share in the profits.

Appbackr helps eliminate much of the risk developers face. First, for some, it helps alleviate the process of finding funding. The service gathers an audience of people who understand the iPhone app industry and can spot great ideas easier than those who may not have the background. Additionally, backers have an incentive to drive promotions for the app. The better the app performs in the store, the more money they can potentially earn. Suddenly, promotional tactics are not just limited to the developer’s efforts. Investors have the motivation to launch a word-of-mouth campaign.

Just like any modern fundraising website, developers have to submit an application prior to listing their app on the site. Visit appbackr if searching for a way to build an iPhone app while mitigating risks.

Loosecubes: Lease Shared Workspaces

Shared workplaces are causing us to rethink the concept of a home office. For many, it’s more about putting people of similar mindsets in a room than leasing desk space by the square foot.

Loosecubes is a service that lists shared workspaces available for rent. Users are able to sort through options within their city, and all properties are plotted against a map (after all, what better way to launch a rental search than by location).

Each listing contains more details than a real estate listing. Large, colorful photos show off the space, and amenities are listed for what’s included. Loosecubes also includes a bit of info on the vibe, so people may find a work setting that works best for them.

Loosecubes is a young company with a lot of passion. Their goal is laser focused to “change the way people work”. It’s rare we see a company talk about starting a revolution on the About page, but we’re inclined to believe them. Loosecubes has been able to recruit plenty of people posting listings perfect for the site. Oh yeah, they have funding, too.