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About Mini Sprout

Mini Sprout is a blog created to help young startups gather their first visitors and customers. For users, we highlight some of the most promising new businesses launching on the web. For web owners, if you build a great product or resource that people will love, we’ll drive our visitors to your website.

We take a stance on our reviews. We don’t post impartial reviews attempting to look objective. Instead, we write about outstanding web apps. We’ll tell you why we like them, and we’ll tell you why you’ll love them. If there’s an app that fails to impress us, we don’t mention it.

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Please use the Suggest form to tell us about your site. We read every single submission.

About the Editor

I launched the site to help young websites grow. I have been developing websites for more than ten years and help small businesses establish their presence online. To reach me, please use the Contact form.

Thanks so much for visiting Mini Sprout.

Using Mini Sprout to Launch Your New Web App
We’re always interested in hearing about your new web app. If you contact us in advance, we will be able to post our review the day of your launch to align with your other marketing messages. Here’s what we’ll need:

  • Tell us in advance: Reach out to us via the Suggest form at least five business days before your launch date.
  • Launch date: Include the date of your app’s launch so we know not to post our review before then.
  • URLs: Include your app’s name, the URL to your beta site (if the public site is hidden from the public), and the URL to your live site (which will open the day of your launch).
  • Press kit: Links to your press release and logo files, if available.
  • Invite code: If you require an invite code during user registration, consider creating a new code specifically for us to promote. “Mini Sprout” will work well.

We can’t guarantee we’ll write reviews for all submissions, but these details ensure your web app will be presented well if we do.